Cankay Otomotiv

Cankay Otomotiv was established in 1988 and has been operating continuously for more than 30 years. Cankay Oto, a leading company in its sector, has become a brand and exports vehicles abroad. Our organization, which does not violate social value judgments and adopts an honest and high quality service philosophy, owes this success to honest and ethical trade philosophy. Turkey's around, buy and sell all kinds of vehicles from all cities, Cankay makes this vehicle modifications and restorations Automotive, 4x4 pick up the car from the beginning has been a pioneer in the creation of institutions in Turkey. The vehicles he designed and applied fell to the world agenda and delivered over 200 special order 4x4 pick up vehicles. Off-Road vehicles, known Cankay that comes to mind first and leading companies in Turkey Automotive, custom design (desing) has been number one in the 4x4 area. So much so that customers and followers of the creature stream "Cankay Edition" was called....
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Sell Your Car?

  • Exchange

    We calculate the value of your vehicle, we deduct the price of your new vehicle.

  • Credit Facility

    Don't go bank by bank for your new car, we arrange your loan.

  • Installment to Credit Card

    We offer installment to all bank cards.